Deshaun Watson will deal with his future after his vacation

Texans owner Cal McNair has shrugged at the fact that quarterback Deshaun Watson hasn’t returned a call from McNair, because Watson is on vacation. When Watson gets back from vacation, McNair undoubtedly will be hearing from Watson, or from Watson’s agent.

As a source with knowledge of the situation explains it to PFT, Watson will deal with his situation in Houston after his vacation ends. For now, he and his representation have had no talks with the Texans about the future, and there have been no discussions about where Watson would or could be traded.

Could it be that, eventually, Watson decides that he’d like to play for the Dolphins? Sure. Watson also could consider other teams. For now, any speculation about the eventual destination of Watson is premature.

If Watson can persuade the Texans to trade him, Watson controls his destination. The contract he signed last year includes a no-trade clause. This doesn’t mean he can’t be traded; it means he can’t be traded without his consent. So if the Texans strike a deal with a team for which Watson doesn’t want to play, all he has to say is, “No.”

The no-trade clause could complicate Houston’s willingness to trade him, because it prevents them from launching a full-blown auction for Watson’s services, since Watson may balk at the destination.

Ultimately, the Texans should be bracing for a trade request from Watson, unless they quickly and persuasively mobilize to undo the damage that recent events have done to the relationship between franchise and franchise quarterback. The fact that the team has let it get to this point suggests that the team will not be able to figure out how to turn it around — unless they interview and eventually hire Eric Bieniemy to coach the team, given that Watson recommended Bieniemy and that the team declined to interview him.